Q:  How much does it cost per sq ft to build ?
A:  You can budget US $ 150 / sq ft for a rambler style home.  $ 200/250 for a nice home with some upgrades.  $ 300 + to fulfill your dreams.  

Q:  Can we build our own home ?
A:  Yes, you can as long as it is your home.  You will have to use licensed service subcontractors for electrical and plumbing.

Q:  Can I use my own architect ?
A:  Yes, you can but recommend having them hook up with a local architect to submit the plans etc.  You do need a local licensed structural engineer to do the foundation drawings.

Q:  How long does the submission process take to submit drawings to the Planning Department ?
A:  Residential submission takes between 2 and 5 weeks depending on complexity of the design. 

Q:  What is required to obtain a building permit ?
A:  There are two types of approval.   1)  approval in principal which requires a site plan, floor plans and elevations.  This approval  confirms you can build what you want on your land according to the submitted drawings.  2)  Building “ Red Card” Permit:  requires a full set of drawings including all those in item 1 plus:  electrical, plumbing, structural, pool and landscaping detailed drawings.  Approval on these results in the issuing of a building permit which is good for one year.

Q:  How much does a swimming pool cost ?
A:   You can budget between US $ 35,000 to $ 60,000 for a pool and average deck area.

Q:  How much does a basic landscaping package cost ?
A:  You can budget US $ 10,000 for a few items, with most average packages going for US $ 25,000

Q:  Can I supply some of my own building materials ?
A:  Yes, you can supply whatever you like.  Of course all materials are subject to an import duty starting at 20 % of invoice including duty on off island inland and ocean freight costs.

Q:  What are the legal Planning regulations regarding setbacks ?
A:  There is a 20 ft setback from the frontage road:  10 ft on sides for one story;  15 ft on sides for two story;   50 ft back from canal edge;  75 ft back from sandy beach;  50 ft back from ironshore.  Pools may be appealed for 50 ft set back from sandy beach.

Q:  Should I consider building with wood stick frame construction ?
A:  We would not recommend this.  It is difficult to obtain insurance for wood structures and resale is also very difficult.  Concrete block or SIP construction is preferred.

Q:  How long does the construction process take ?
A:  A 3000 sq ft home will take approximately 12 months once plans are submitted to Planning.

The above information are guidelines only and this info should be confirmed by your local architect, builder and/or Cayman Planning Department.     We accept no responsibility for wrong information.  


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